Honor veterans year-round

Published 6:33 pm Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Veterans Day service at Veterans Memorial Park in Washington earlier this week was somewhat different than previous Veterans Day services held there in recent years.

As the French would say: “Vive la difference!”

A presentation by the Camp Lejeune Chapter 329 of the National Sojourners on the history of the American flag from the birth of this nation until the present-day flag of 13 stripes — alternating from red to white to red to white — and a blue field with 50 five-pointed stars representing the 50 states was well received by those who attended the service. The presentation was filled with bits of history regarding the American flag.

For those who have never seen the presentation, try to see it the next time once is scheduled in a nearby venue. The presentation is worth a two- or three-hour ride to view. It’s that spectacular.

Not only did American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 15 organize the Veterans Day service in Washington, it was also responsible for one of the more poignant parts of the salute to veterans. The unit placed 100 American flags at Veterans Memorial Park either in memory of deceased veterans or in honor of living veterans.

To honor veterans this year, auxiliary members offered area individuals, families and others an opportunity to have a card honoring a specific veteran attached to an American flag to be displayed at Veterans Memorial Park. The card included the veteran’s name, his/her time of service, branch of service and the names of those who are honoring that veteran. The veterans being honored and remembered were identified during the service. Unit members plan to have the flags displayed through Dec. 7, Pearl Harbor Day,

American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 15 did itself proud Veterans Day.

More importantly, the unit and area residents did veterans — living and dead — proud by taking the time to honor the nation’s veterans and doing so in such a special way.

Remember our veterans not just once a year on Veterans Day but each day of the year.