Beaufort County is in good hands

Published 9:40 pm Monday, November 18, 2013

Counties across the state have been scrambling to find their footing in the changing landscape of economic development.
The Department of Commerce announced it would privatize the state’s marketing efforts, which meant that funding for economic development organizations would cease in the coming year.
Rural counties like Beaufort stand to lose the most in this plan. Privatization would mean that the county would have to find its own sources for advertising its agriculture, its tourism, its low cost of living and advantages to industries looking for a new location.
Legislators have not approved the privatization of commerce and the specifics of the plan have not been determined. By the time the dust settles and funds run out, Beaufort will have a plan of action. There are already several minds at work, tackling the issue and reaching out to neighboring counties to form partnerships.
These partnerships will be the key to the area’s growth. If economic development’s bucks are going to be fewer and fewer, its bang will have to be substantial.
We look forward to seeing organizations like North Carolina’s Northeast Commission, Beaufort County’s Economic Development and Committee of 100 find creative ways to make Beaufort County shine.