Local businesses need an electronic show-and-tell

Published 5:30 pm Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Where would education be without the Internet? Many of us remember the dark ages when research papers involved hours in the library and lessons were from textbooks that contained outdated material. These days, the books and the library are still there, but they are supplemented with Smartboards, electronic textbooks and streaming videos.

The Business and Industry Innovation Council wants a few of those videos to feature local businesses. Schools may not be able to afford a fieldtrip everyday and businesses may not have the resources to offer tours to everyone who asks, but most all of them have the ability to record and access a video.

As the council described it, the videos would be simple introductions to local businesses and links could be posted in one central location like the Washington-Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce.

The videos could progress and cover all aspects of local businesses, and the businesses could develop YouTube channels to feature them. If you want a clearer picture of the concept, visit WIMCO’s website. The local contractor already has a channel that features each project it has, time-lapsing videos of businesses and renovations.

The videos would give students a better understanding of the opportunities available in their own back yard. They would motivate students to seek internships at the businesses and take coursework that directly applied. The videos would also be an asset to families and businesses considering relocation to the area.

It’s a simple idea. Sometimes the best ones are.