Returning the favor

Published 9:22 pm Monday, March 17, 2014

Throughout the year, if one takes a moment to look at the community calendar listings on Page 3 of the Daily News, often what will be found is a listing like this:

“Pungo River Volunteer Fire Department, annual breakfast fundraiser, 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.,” followed by a menu and the cost of a plate. Some of us scan these announcements, give them a passing thought, but it never occurs to us to go out and grab breakfast at the fire station.

But it should.

Spanning the county, there are many volunteer departments — fire, rescue, EMS —that rely on fundraisers to help get them equipment they wouldn’t have otherwise. Sure, it’s nice to have brand new equipment to play with; it’s great to have another tool in the toolbox. But supporting these organizations, which in this case would be letting them feed you good, homemade food for a small donation, means so much more. It could very well mean a life is saved. The better equipped these organizations are, the better equipped they are to respond to our emergencies.

If you live in the City of Washington, it may never cross your mind to support a Pinetown or Pungo or Chocowinity volunteer emergency squad, simply because you don’t live there. None of us ever plan to have to rely on emergency services, but nevertheless, it can happen. It does happen. And when and where it happens can’t be predicted. But it could happen in the Pinetown, Pungo or Chocowinity jurisdictions.

Next time there’s a listing in the community calendar for Bath’s chicken plate fundraiser or Aurora’s spaghetti dinner, consider taking a drive out to support the local volunteer squads. Or consider sending a check — they’d appreciate that too. Those who serve as volunteers in this capacity deserve the support of everyone in the county. By their service alone, they are supporting all of us. We should all return the favor.