Residents chipping in through athletics

Published 9:48 pm Wednesday, April 2, 2014

For some, getting blood drawn at a Red Cross blood drive serves as an unpleasant method of community service. Fundraisers like bake sales, 50-50s and car washes to raise money for noble causes can even become repetitive, uappealing and, well, just plain boring.

Here in Beaufort County, residents are making a difference and signing up by the dozen for a certain genre of fundraiser: the athletic sort. Some of the most popular and successful money raising ventures of late have been events like 5Ks, or more recently, the Beaufort County Developmental Center ‘s annual HOOPS Shootout, which raised a little over $3000 through sponsors and donations.

Saturday’s 5K Glow Race in Washington organized by Young Life has seen the best registration numbers in 10 years of holding the race. The result will likely be the highest financial gain the organization has seen.

The shootout helped raise money for the BCDC, while the glow race will help send children to weeklong summer camps at a reduced price. Whatever the cause, Beaufort County residents have not only been doing their part, but also having fun at the same time. Athletics and charity is proving to be a formula for success.

Of course, you shouldn’t need an excuse to do your part. Just because there’s a 5K a couple times a year, or a free throw shooting contest coming up, you shouldn’t shut down your morality the rest of the time.

The fact is, there are various charities year round, and staying involved doesn’t mean constantly spending money. So far, Beaufort County is doing an excellent job staying involved. Simply spending an hour a week volunteering or, if you can’t, making a small donation to your charity of choice won’t cure cancer, but collectively it will make a difference.