Wright Flight teaches students to be fearless

Published 6:43 pm Saturday, April 12, 2014

On Saturday, students from John Small Elementary School met with faculty and pilots at Warren Air Field for the school’s 6th annual Wright Flight event. It was amazing how fearless these kids were when flying in the planes — most, for the first time. It was amazing to hear testimonies from faculty, parents and students regarding the impact of the event. The program has taught students to be fearless in more aspects than just flying a plane. One student who is a graduate of the Wright Flight program gave his testimony. He struggled to understand the importance of his educational endeavors and as a result, he acted out in school. This program motivated him to behave in school and helped him to realize the importance of his studies. That is what this program does for the students who participate. Ultimately, it teaches students to become motivated and excited about school, set short-term and long-term goals, work hard and apply themselves. The aforementioned graduate has not only realized these things, but has also applied them to his life. His hard work and determination has guided him to become an A-B Honor Roll student for the first time. The program has motivated him to want to achieve a better future. The Wright Flight program has facilitated this change in students, teaching them to be fearless in their educational endeavors.