Published 8:26 pm Tuesday, April 22, 2014

To the Editor:

My mother-in-law, when she was alive and working at Cayton Furniture, would now and then be inspired to say, “Not all Yankees are Damn Yankees.” And I believe that because I love Diane Rufino, Bill Cook, the Kidwells and I’m sure there are others who are true American patriots, too. However I also believe that Beaufort County can do without those who bear false witness against government representatives at all levels. We need to show appreciation, not contempt, for Beaufort County Commissioners who stand up for our rights and try to keep the taxing and spending under control. Hood Richardson is such a man, and he is a man of integrity. He is also honest, hard working, well informed and intelligent.

Mr. Buonanno should verify each Hood Richardson accusation with facts, but he doesn’t. Hood Richardson, on the other hand, studies the issues, is prepared at the County Commissioner meetings, and when he speaks there is substance rather than arrogance. I mention the word, arrogance, because the four who would vote against him on crucial issues enjoy saying, “We can do this because we have the votes.” Mr. Buonanno, did you notice? Does that irritate you the way it irritates me? Where are your letters of condemnation about that?

When I served on the commission for a short time replacing Carol Cochran, I brought up the need for teaching Judeo/Christian morality. I proposed support for a resolution to display the Ten Commandments and the Founding Documents on the walls of our schools in Beaufort County. There were three Christian ministers serving on the board at that time, all three Democrats, and Jerry Langley was one of them. All three voted against the resolution. The citizens of Beaufort County responded by putting up yard signs of the Ten Commandments and kept them up for months. Thank goodness for the natives who know right from wrong and continue to make Hood Richardson the top vote getter except when he tells them to split his vote with someone else.

I tell this bit of history to explain how I can understand why Hood, once in a great while, resorts to name calling, names like “WEASEL” and “RINO,” but he never curses nor does he use the Lord’s name in vain. I know that Hood Richardson is a gentleman.

We welcome our Yankee patriots as citizens of Beaufort County, but I guess you’ve heard it said that the Damn Yankees need to just vacation here.

Chris Cayton