Primaries are important too

Published 8:35 pm Monday, May 5, 2014


Today is primary Election Day. Primaries are a tried and true method by which we, the people, determine who, from each political party, will go on to the next step on the road to election. Primaries are such an ingrained part of our American history, it would seem rules governing such were written into the very fabric of our political process. However, they were not.

What’s interesting about primaries is that our U.S. Constitution makes no provisions regarding the role of political parties in the election process. So the institution of primaries has been made on a state-by-state basis.

This year’s election cycle has at least one hotly contested local race, that of Beaufort County Sheriff. As it stands on the primary ballot, there are five Democratic candidates and four Republican candidates vying for the office.

The reason why there are so many candidates running is because, for the first time in 16 years, the incumbent, Sheriff Alan Jordan, is not running for re-election. It has been proven time and time again that any time an incumbent is running for office, a challenger of the same political party will rarely run against that person. However, with the seat open, candidates from both (major) parties line up.

This is why today is very important to our candidates and to us, as voters, in general. Today is the first — and perhaps the last — hurdle to Election Day in November. As with the sheriff’s race, three Republicans seeking the office of Beaufort County Commissioner, out of a field of five, will also move on to the next step.

Many people choose not to vote in primary elections, instead saving their right to vote in the November election only.

Primaries are a part of the uniquely American voting process — one that, at the end of the day, narrows down the field to the best possible candidates for each party. If we don’t participate now, then we may not questions why the best possible candidates didn’t move forward in the process.

We, at the Daily News, encourage all registered Beaufort County residents to vote in today’s primary.