FAFSA Day a valuable tool

Published 8:23 pm Wednesday, February 18, 2015



Beaufort County Community College will host a financial aid workshop known as FAFSA Day on Feb. 28, from 9 a.m. to noon, in Room 927 of Building 9 on its campus.

This is a valuable resource for not only high school seniors who are looking to enroll in college and need help affording it, but also for those people looking to return to college that cannot afford to do so. During the workshop, financial aid officers and specialists will be available to guide parents and their prospective college students, as well as other people looking to channel funding for college, through the application process.

The fact that the college is holding a day to coach prospective college students through the financial aid process is invaluable to the community. Many people, far and wide, are not proficient enough to get through the financial aid process. This could deter someone who wants to get back in school and cannot afford to do so. The process can be challenging and a lack of knowledge could force that person to shy away from going back to college altogether.

Another valuable thing about having guidance through the financial aid process is the fact that filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form correctly could maximize the amount of aid an applicant receives. Also, it could save much headache and trouble. If someone were to fill out the form incorrectly, they may not be notified until after the FAFSA deadline, which could keep the applicant from being able to attend school their intended first semester, not to mention that applicant would have to redo the application altogether.

These are some important reasons why one should take advantage of this free guidance through a complex application process that is FAFSA. By taking advantage of FAFSA Day at BCCC, applicants, at the very least, can be assured that their application is filled out and submitted correctly.