Class gives instruction on safe driving

Published 5:24 pm Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Most everyone at some point can get a little foot-heavy in regard to driving, and unfortunately, sometimes bad driving habits can lead to unsafe situations, including collisions. Beaufort County Community College is offering a class to those who may have received tickets as a result of mistakes made behind the wheel.

Under the Division of Continuing Education, the college is now offering a revamped Defensive Driving course based on the Health and Safety Council of North Carolina’s DDC-4 program, in collaboration with local District Attorney Seth Edwards.

The four-hour course offers motorists, who have received tickets for excessive speeding or other violations, the opportunity to have their violations reduced or dismissed upon completion.

The single-session class is offered Monday evenings and Saturdays. Among the dates available are Aug. 22, Aug. 31, Sept. 19, Oct. 5, Oct. 24, Nov. 2, Nov. 21 and Dec. 7.

The important aspect of the course is not the fact that motorists, who have committed driving infractions, have a chance to get out of the ticket but rather the fact that those drivers will receive detailed instruction on how to be safer and make better decisions behind the wheel.

Students will receive valuable, possibly life-saving information in regard to topics such as: the stages, causes and prevention of collisions; how to reduce collision risk with defensive driving; how distractions affect driving ability; the definition of impairment; the impact of weather, road and traffic conditions; and how to identify and minimize aggressive driving activities. It is designed to motivate students to change their behind-the-wheel behaviors and attitudes, resulting in more responsible drivers.

This instruction will also promote good habits that will result in less accidents and risky situations.

Another beneficial aspect of the program is businesses that employ drivers can have their employees participate in the course, resulting in lower worker’s compensation insurance costs and decreased fleet premiums. The content of the class has the potential to create safety-conscious drivers and limit liability.

BCCC offers an array of continuing education classes and continually commits itself to the community through similar initiatives and classes. The Defensive Driving class, however, is one that could stand as a regimen for safe driving — less injuries and deaths, safer roads and a culture of safety that makes Beaufort County a better place to live, work and play.