Take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather

Published 6:01 pm Tuesday, January 26, 2016



Many people would agree North Carolina has quite variable weather throughout the fall and winter months. Any given day or week, it could be frigid, while other times, the weather could be mild and unseasonable, as is the case this week.

With the influx of the mild and sunny environment that currently is Beaufort County, residents would benefit from taking advantage of it.

One might say, “Well, it’s winter and not much is going on.”

Well, that is certainly not true. There are many opportunities to get out and enjoy the absence of cold weather. Many people often get a touch of “cabin fever” during the winter months. The warm temperatures and sun offer a chance to stay fit, relieve stress and increase productivity.

For instance, Goose Creek State Park always has events and programs going on and at the least, offers a place to exercise and enjoy a bit of adventure. Next week, the park will host a hike on its Palmetto Boardwalk.

Gardeners and those who are eager for the return of spring can get a jumpstart on sharpening their skills and know-how by attending workshops offered by the Beaufort County Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners group. Several opportunities, from learning what vegetables and fruits to plant in spring to how to prune flora or manage the turf in one’s yard, will be offered, giving attendees new knowledge for the upcoming growing season.

Another chance to get out and get moving is the many volunteer opportunities in the county. Beaufort County Relay for Life is always looking for new volunteers and teams that could help the organization raise more money for cancer research and help create an even bigger event this year. The Washington Harbor District Alliance has many events and initiatives in which volunteer manpower could be utilized. The list goes on and on.

For those health and fitness enthusiasts out there, one could always take advantage of Beaufort County Community College’s IM FITT Trail, a mile-long trail on the college’s campus that includes outdoor exercise equipment designed to offer a full-body workout. The best part is it’s open to the public, not just students, faculty and staff.

Don’t just sit around and wait for another wave of cold weather because it will come, more likely than not. While it is here, take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather.