Curbing springtime allergies

Published 9:17 pm Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Just weeks ago, schools were closing due to winter weather threats. Now, temperatures have suddenly skyrocketed to what eastern North Carolina usually experiences around July.

It may seem like spring has been skipped altogether, even though it’s just arriving. This season is a beautiful one as trees and flowers awaken from their winter dormancy. As they awaken, so do their allergens. Many may have already noticed the yellow film of pollen enveloping cars.

Those who suffer from allergies may not be as excited about the arrival of spring. Fear not, though, because there are ways to combat allergy symptoms.

The least desirable is to simply stay indoors all day. No one wants to sit inside and peek out at the beautiful weather. That said, there are certain pollen events one can avoid to help alleviate symptoms.

Keep track of the pollen counts each day. Outdoor excursions may be better suited for days when pollen counts aren’t high. Even when they aren’t, though, one should wash clothes and shower after activities outside. Allergens can continue to bother even after coming in from the outdoors, and it helps prevent them from taking over one’s house.

Pollen counts can be especially dangerous on dry and windy days. The humidity in this region can also make mold a problem, so those are both factors to consider.

Furthermore, according to, pollen counts tend to be higher in the morning, so avoiding the outdoors during the morning can help curb symptoms.

There are plenty of outdoor activities that can’t be avoided at this time of the year. Yard work is among them. Mowing the lawn can be a chore for most, whether or not allergies are a concern, and gardening is a hobby for many. Wearing a mask while working in the yard can help stop allergies, especially when symptoms impact regular breathing.

All it takes is some vigilance and a few watchful habits to make sure the springtime is more enjoyable, even for those that have the worst kind of allergies.