Just a part of its mission

Published 7:53 pm Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Residents who are in need or less fortunate have a unique opportunity to get relief from what is forecasted to be a string of really hot weather.

For the first time, the Salvation Army of Washington is setting up a cooling station, inviting residents to come inside out of the heat.

Aside from the fact that the cooling stations are a way for people, who do not have the means, to escape from the heat, a closer look would indicate that these types of outreach are what the Salvation Army is all about.

The Salvation Army grew from the passion of a Methodist preacher in London, England, to a worldwide organization dedicated to providing for all of a person’s needs, including those related to growing in their faith. Many of the people facing difficult challenges come to the organization simply needing help getting back on their feet, whether it’s from losing a job or a family member or friend or struggling with addiction.

The organization also provides housing and sheltering programs to those who are homeless or otherwise going through a tough time.

Providing for people’s basic needs is essentially what the Salvation Army does every day. The local organization impacts the community in a positive way through its outreach and mission.

In April 2014, when a string of tornadoes hit Beaufort County, the organization was out giving food and water to those who were affected.

The organization sees its work as a God-given opportunity to serve those who need it most, as well as give those it serves a feeling of being valued, loved and respected.

With the heat index projected to be above 100 degrees over the next week or more, the cooling station is open to the public and is just another way the Salvation Army works to benefit those in the community who are in need.