A simple idea with big returns

Published 7:10 pm Monday, August 1, 2016

How much of a difference can a simple, purple bow make? A lot, actually.

Ladies from Cypress Landing and beyond are making and selling purple bows around Washington to raise money for the Marion L. Shepard Cancer Center. “Residential” bows cost $15, and “business” bows cost $25.

The idea in itself is not necessarily new. However, what makes the fundraiser so refreshing is its local emphasis and completely selfless nature of it all.

Every single penny raised through these bow sales stays right here in the Washington/Beaufort County area. Other national-level fundraisers are just as important and help millions of people, but there’s something more personal about donating for a neighbor’s sake.

Not only that, the ladies who are selling the bows do so mostly on a door-to-door basis. That means one is donating directly to a person — perhaps a friend or familiar face — and not just mailing off a check.

Everything is also done on a volunteer basis and the supplies are donated, which means 100 percent of the proceeds goes toward the cancer center.

And if one is curious to see the results of such a donation, it’s just a short drive away. Knowing to whom one is donating, and knowing where that money is going, is a priceless investment.

Washington has an incredible asset in its cancer treatment facility, with some of the best medical professionals around. By giving just a little, cancer patients can gain so much more.

If one of those ladies comes knocking on the front door during the next few weeks, take a moment to consider the difference this fundraiser makes. It’s just a $15 bow, yes, but last year the fundraiser raised a total of more than $27,000.

That’s a big return, and it’s benefitting the people right here.