Stepping up to help at-risk youth

Published 3:50 pm Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Beaufort County, being the fifth-largest county in the state and economically underserved, has many at-risk youth. For 32 years, Pamlico Pals has provided one-on-one mentoring to at-risk youth in the county and reinvented itself to fit today’s world. And with the reinvention, which includes small-group mentoring, the organization needs adult volunteers.

The organization partners with Beaufort County Schools and the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council to host its programs, and now uses group mentoring to help children improve how they act and treat others, for one.

Pamlico Pals also works to improve school attendance and performance and provides activities such as field trips that participants would not normally have the opportunity to experience.

The organization is a very valuable resource for families living in Beaufort County. Those families with a child who may be struggling behaviorally, academically or socially have a chance to turn things around for their child through the program.

There is a huge need for adult volunteers, who are willing to donate a few hours of their time per week to help its participants grow as individuals and in terms of getting along with others.

The program is open to children ages 7-17 and helps participants with issues such as how to resolve conflict, how to make good decisions and how to interact with their peers.

Community members should get behind this program and get involved. With so many at-risk youth today, someone donating a little bit of their time per week could make a huge difference in the lives of participating children, who are, essentially, the future of the county. An opportunity to mentor small groups of children is a great chance to pass along wisdom, knowledge and etiquette they very well may need to create a better future.