Knowledge is power

Published 5:27 pm Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Washington-Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce is starting something new this month.

As part of its Power Luncheon Series, which starts today, the Chamber is hosting a speaker the third Thursday of almost every month, hailing from different sectors and stages of economic development. First up is Dr. Don Phipps, superintendent at Beaufort County Schools.

These luncheons are open to both Chamber members and the general public at a cost of $15 or $20, respectively. By introducing residents to some of the local and regional officials about town, the Chamber hopes to encourage economic development by making people more aware of how it works.

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. Knowledge of an area’s economy and the factors that play into it is an invaluable tool for any community.

If people know how an economy works, then they will be able to better understand the roles they play in it. In a Tier 1 county, everyone should be concerned with economic development.

Take Phipps’ talk on public education in Beaufort County. The school system is vital to the local economy because it is preparing and growing the next generation of the workforce. If residents better understand how Beaufort County Schools operates, then they can understand the good and the bad — what things are going right in public education and the challenges that educators face every day.

It’s important for Chamber members and non-members alike to take advantage of an opportunity like this. Think of it as a type of professional development, but instead of being for work, it is development to create informed citizens living in a particular area. Not only that, it’s a great opportunity to network with fellow residents, too.

In the coming months, consider taking an hour and a half to participate in one of these luncheons. You won’t be sorry.

For more information, contact the Chamber at 252-946-9168.