More important than wins and losses

Published 5:31 pm Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Things are ramping up for fall athletics in Beaufort County. Washington’s and Southside’s soccer teams have both looked strong this season, and both hope they can keep it going with a deep playoff run. Northside and Southside football play their final regular-season games of the year on Friday, while Washington will play its penultimate game of the year.

There’s a lot on the line around this time of the year. That can lead to heightened emotions in the young men out there competing on the gridiron or on the soccer field.

Beaufort County has had a pretty nice track record with sportsmanship this fall. There have been a few isolated incidents, but for the most part, all the athletes in the area have competed with respect for one another and respect for their opponents.

Pam Pack football fans got to see that in spades in Washington’s homecoming win over North Pitt on Friday. Nazzir Hardy’s second-quarter tear, which included an interception and a late touchdown catch, put his team ahead by 14.

The home side looked to build on that coming out of halftime. Suae Poe scooted along the right side for a few yards. After being taken down by the Panthers, Poe got himself up and helped up a few opposing North Pitt players.

And there’s more to sports than that, too. Local students have used it as a means to help out the community. Northside senior and standout athlete Rachel Lang has organized a senior project to collect canned foods for Eagle’s Wings in Washington. She’s been gathering them during Panther home games, and will be accepting donations during Friday’s season finale.

Finally, the Pam Pack will be hosting recreational football players on WYFL Night during its last game of the season next Friday. Those are but a few examples of local athletes bringing the community together.

Wins and losses do matter, but there’s so much more to be proud of about Beaufort County sports. Competitors here are respectful of one another, and go out of their way to encourage the community to band together.