Don’t let elections bring out the worst

Published 6:03 pm Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become the president-elect of the United States of America. The kneejerk reactions from all points of the political spectrum are loud and clear over social media and headlines of all sorts.

These reactions vary from Trump supporters gloating, to jokes of emigrating to Canada, to people condemning Trump supporters as racist, bigoted and the like. Silicon Valley voters, using the Twitter hashtag #Calexit, are voicing their unhappiness in the form of a campaign to fund the secession of California.

Elections bring out the worst in people. Whether it’s the rhetoric surrounding the presidential election, or controversy — namely voter challenges — that affected local elections in Beaufort County, things can get ugly. The races all the way down to the local ticket were contentious, but there hasn’t been an outcry. The results have been accepted.

Democracy has done its job. The president has been elected, and local and state duties have, for the most part, been solidified. Roy Cooper and Pat McCrory are separated by a handful of votes, and the governor’s race won’t be called until Nov. 18.

As has been the case with every other presidential election, it’s now time to stick with the results for the next four years. Right now, America is as divided as it’s been in decades. A look across social media leads one to believe that Trump’s victory will only fuel the fire.

Don’t let it. No matter the outcome of this election, nor any other, negativity only encourages the divisiveness. If one is not satisfied with the results, let it be a motivational resource to further advocate that which one believes is important.

Be a vehicle for positive change, not negativity.

Beaufort County is largely Republican. While many in the area were unhappy with the election of President Barack Obama, and then his reelection, it survived. The president is but one person — a person who answers to the Senate, the House of Representatives and more.

Trump does not spell doom for this country. The sun came up on Wednesday morning following the election, and it will shine day after day until the next election.