The children have it right

Published 5:18 pm Friday, November 11, 2016

Beaufort County voters made their way to the polls Tuesday to cast ballots for candidates of their choice.

This democratic process is often taken for granted, and some even shrug it off as a hassle or don’t take the time to look at the candidates. That’s a shame.

However, the schools in Beaufort County are doing their part to build excitement for the voting process and teach students how important it is.

During the past week, a slew of students have marked their ballots as part of Kids Voting, school-wide mock elections and/or individual classroom elections. Students have been able to see first hand how voting works — from campaigning to voter rolls and polling places. Many can remember doing similar activities during their time in grade school.

Although the cynicism seems to grow as children move into adulthood, it’s always a poignant reminder to see students learning about the process that is vital to our nation. It speaks volumes to see children taking it seriously, sometimes more seriously than even the adults who actually vote.

Students are the future of this nation, and making sure they have a solid understanding of democracy is an important aspect of preparing them for the real world. Their innocent respect for voting and understanding of what traits a candidate should have represent the values on which this country was founded.

In this case, the children have it right, and in many ways, they are role models for the adults who cast ballots.

Democracy deserves respect, and it deserves voters demanding the utmost of their candidates and elected officials. We can learn this from the students.

Kudos to them for becoming good stewards of democracy, and kudos to the educators for fostering this sense of responsibility.