Thanks is in order

Published 6:19 pm Friday, November 25, 2016


As fires in western North Carolina continue along their path, burning through thousands of acres, firefighters have put their lives on hold to fight the blaze.

These men and women are heroes, and many of them have traveled from all over the country to help out in the western part of the state. Many of them are from right here in eastern North Carolina, as well.

With Thanksgiving having recently passed, and residents gearing up for the Christmas holiday, it brings to mind the sacrifices these firefighters make every day.

While Beaufort County families gather around the table for a hearty meal, firefighters and other first responders will be on call in case the worst happens this holiday season.

It’s easy to take these heroes for granted, but when a loved one or one’s property is in trouble, they are the first to come to mind. In a matter of minutes, first responders will be there — ready to do whatever it takes to correct the situation.

Although Beaufort County is lucky to not have to experience these rampant forest fires, or have to experience the poor air quality as a result, its residents still need the courage and help of first responders.

A disaster similar to that in western North Carolina occurred this past summer closer to home in Hyde and Dare counties, as the Whipping Creek Fire tore through thousands of acres. It can happen anywhere.

Beaufort County is lucky to have its dedicated, talented first responders. They make this area a better place to live and give residents a peace of mind.

During this season of giving thanks, be sure to thank first responders. They deserve it and undoubtedly do not hear it enough. Because of them, residents can sleep safe and sound.