Bringing glory to Beaufort County

Published 4:32 pm Wednesday, February 8, 2017

There are few things as sweet or satisfying as championship gold. Washington’s boys’ swim team was sent off to Cary on Wednesday to compete for its second-straight 1-A/2-A state championship today.

Plenty of Beaufort County teams have represented the area on a statewide scale in recent years. Northside has had incredible basketball and softball teams, Washington football and soccer came oh so close to 2-A crowns and Southside’s football team has made back-to-back regional-championship appearances.

They’ve all proven to the rest of North Carolina exactly how diverse this area is when it comes to athletics. One can find young men and women who have excelled in just about any sport.

However, getting over that hump and finally bringing home the gold is a tall order. That’s why it’s hard to overemphasize what the Pam Pack boys are vying for today. They’ve been undefeated for about two years now. They handled the best competition the east had to offer with ease.

It’s the result of an incredible amount of work. Most of the swimmers have been part of the year-round East Carolina Aquatics team since they were young children, which is a significant reason for why there hasn’t been a ton of drop off from last year to this year.

Whether Washington can pull it off isn’t the most important thing to consider with this team, though. The Pam Pack has set an example that can be followed by athletes across the county. They’re the embodiment of exactly how far passion and dedication can take a person and a team.

Moreover, they’re also setting an example for everyone who may not see Beaufort County athletics all the time. They’re showing how to enjoy a high amount of success while remaining modest and sportsmanlike. At last year’s state-championship meet, Eric Lovenberg, out of everyone participating from across the state, was awarded for his sportsmanship. Washington will surely be keen on another great performance in that regard, too.

Success can be subjective. No matter what happens today, the Pam Pack boys have already done an excellent job bearing the banner of Beaufort County, and they will continue to do so.