VBS beneficial to everyone involved

Published 6:12 pm Monday, June 12, 2017

Across the nation, churches are getting ready for the start of Vacation Bible School.

Vacation Bible School is an outreach ministry designed by churches to minister to children and spread the gospel during the summer months.

Programs usually last about a week and include games, crafts, skits, music, and of course, the Bible. Themes, games and the time of year vary from program to program, but one thing remains the same — spreading the love of Christ. It happens throughout the United States, and Beaufort County is no different.

Many churches in the county are preparing to transform the walls of their church into a children’s adventure this month in hopes of reaching out and teaching children about Christianity. Church members and volunteers come together for one week to decorate the church according to theme — some include superheroes; some include a virtual excursion to another country. Regardless of the theme, it’s used to spread the gospel.

VBS aims to present the Bible to children in an entertaining, yet realistic way. It offers the children fun, low-pressure evangelism. It may be hard to reach children in the traditional Sunday worship, so VBS turns learning about Jesus into a fun experience.

It is a short-term event that can have long-term effects on children. It typically only lasts five days, but on the last day, children leave full of knowledge and lessons they can bring well into adulthood.

VBS also gives the church a chance to direct its attention to potential new members. Programs are designed to reach out to those who may not be a regular at the church. All children are encouraged to attend – whether they are a part of the church or not.

The experiences at VBS can create lifelong memories, and the message could be potentially life changing. VBS is what you make it, and there are many churches in the area working toward making it great this summer.