Roll up a sleeve

Published 7:01 pm Monday, July 31, 2017

The Red Cross needs blood — now more than ever.

The American Red Cross issued a critical, emergency need for life saving blood on July 25. It comes after a previous call for blood in early July, stating that the organization’s blood supply fell short of a five-day supply.

A press release stated that while thousands of people responded to the early July call for blood, the number was not enough to adequately replenish the supply.

Even after a 30% hike in donations since July 5, The American Red Cross of the Mid-Atlantic and Appalachian region is still in need.

That is why residents of Beaufort County should strongly consider rolling up their sleeves this summer and donating life-saving blood. All blood is donated locally to hospitals, and those hospitals rely on blood donations from the Red Cross to serve the patients.

The American Red Cross is also offering an incentive — a $5 Target e-gift card will be emailed to each person who donates blood between July 26 and Aug. 31.

Giving blood doesn’t take long, and a little bit of blood can go a long way. Setting aside 30 minutes of one’s day to donate just one unit of blood could go as far as saving a patient’s life. All it takes is a little pinch of a needle.

And when one thinks about the pain and suffering the receiver of the blood is likely going though, that pinch of a needle doesn’t seem so bad.

Cancer patients often need blood and platelet transfusions because they may lose these vital products during chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. When a patient needs blood, it is much different than needing a medicine. Blood cannot be manufactured or obtained at a pharmacy. It’s up residents to help ensure the blood supply is adequate.

One may not know the exact life he saved by giving blood, but that person will surely remember him.

For a list of blood drives in Beaufort County this summer, check out page 2 of the Daily News or go online at and click “Find a Blood Drive”.