Fostering positive experiences

Published 6:05 pm Wednesday, August 16, 2017

This week is one of the most exciting in the year. Volleyball and soccer are already under way around Beaufort County. Football begins tomorrow with home games in Chocowinity and Pinetown.

Tomorrow will be the last season opener for a number of seniors across the area. Seahawk, Panther and Pam Pack players in all sports worked throughout the summer. There’s been a lot that’s gone into the product that is making its way onto the field. Coaches — some of whom are volunteers — have been putting in hours on the fields and courts with these athletes.

Washington, Northside and Southside are all going into this season still with a fire burning from nearly a year ago. The Panthers and Seahawks have plenty of success from 2016 to drive them this year. Although Washington doesn’t have the same foundation from last season, there’s plenty of positive energy throughout the team.

For this fall to be a positive one for all involved, it will require all of those not in the pads to do their part. It’s often easy for a fan — especially parents with children on the field — to get caught up in the moment. Home atmospheres pump up the adrenaline for those cheering the team on. However, one must maintain respect for the officials and the calls they make. This area has a good group of referees that are fair to both teams. They’re also members of the community only hoping to keep athletes safe and make sure they have a good time.

Also, everyone must be sure to be respectful of visiting teams. Just like Beaufort County’s athletes, visiting players also hope to create memories this fall.

Let’s let the county’s fields and courts be a place that fosters those positive experiences. In the end, no one play will have a bearing on someone’s future. Wins and losses do matter — some more than others — but do become more inconsequential over time. Instead, everyone involved should focus more on the bonds made and the lessons learned through athletics.