Reaching a goal

Published 3:52 pm Monday, October 9, 2017

The Boys & Girls Club of Beaufort County needs help, and it is up to the community to provide it.

A few weeks ago, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Plain received a “challenge grant” from Pecheles Automotive and First Citizens Bank. The companies agreed to donate a combined amount of $30,000 to the Boys & Girls Club of Beaufort County, under one condition: the community raises $60,000 by Dec. 31.

The challenge grant is an effort to breach a gap in necessary funding — the two clubs were tasked with raising about $230,000 for public operation costs, but as of Aug. 31, they were short about $88,000.

Now, the community must rally behind these two companies to push the Beaufort County clubs to the goal.

The Washington and Belhaven clubs serve an average of 125 children after school, five days a week. One can only imagine the wear and tear 600 or more children a week can have on a facility — especially one that does so much. The Beaufort County clubs provide not only a fun and safe afterschool environment, but they also provide multiple programs that prove vital to child development. Some of those include good character programming, healthy lifestyle programs and arts programs.

Children are the future, and the Boys & Girls Club helps to ensure each child in the community has the chance to be the best he can be. Without necessary children’s organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, it can be hard for children in the community to have the resources they needs to learn and grow.

If the community can raise the needed $60,000, the Boys & Girls Club will receive the matching grant, and it will close the gap without a problem. Consider donating to the cause. It could give a child in the community the opportunity to do something great.

Donations can be sent to the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Plain administrative office at 621 W. Fire Tower Road, Winterville, or online at