The golden rule

Published 5:18 pm Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It seems too often that headlines in the news are riddled with misfortune, ugliness and raw evil. The Vegas massacre and, locally, the active-shooter situation in Hyde County are two recent examples — no one was injured during the event last week, but a man shooting into an occupied residence, and at a patrol car, is bad enough.

It’s everywhere. It’s even plagued sports. A venue for entertainment and relaxation has become a soapbox for all sorts of social issues. One can’t sit through a game without mentally mulling social injustice, domestic violence or other problems in the world today. Even in the collegiate ranks, basketball — a North Carolina treasure — is facing its own bevy of scandals ranging from sketchy academic integrity to outright fraud.

One more chilling story continues to unravel. Droves of Hollywood celebrities have come out with their allegations of harassment and sexual assault against producer Harvey Weinstein. These accusations date back decades.

It’s hard to sift through all the bad going on in the world to find the light. There are still good things happening all around all the time. Even so, constantly hearing of all the evil, too, can permeate even the most optimistic of demeanors.

It’s no question that life it tough for so many all around the world right now. It trickles down to eastern North Carolina and Beaufort County.

Now is as good a time as ever to remember the golden rule. One should try to go through each day treating others the way he would want to be treated.

All it takes is a simple hello or a small gesture of kindness to a stranger passing by. No one can know what another has gone through or is currently experiencing. A small act of kindness can brighten even the darkest day.

Anyone wishing to take it a step further should consider volunteering at his church or a local nonprofit. Everything from local the animal shelters to food pantries like Eagle’s Wings welcome help with open arms.

If one wants to brighten the community, be the light that will do it.