Helping hands at home

Published 5:24 pm Thursday, October 19, 2017

Martha’s Project is a gem in the Belhaven community. The nonprofit is dedicated to meeting the needs of locals — physically and spiritually.

Volunteers distribute food boxes to 150-200 families every month, along with other charitable acts, mostly funded through sales at Martha’s Thrift Store.

Most recently, the organization purchased its own building off of U.S. Highway 264 near Pungo Christian Academy. The purchase was a long time coming, and the nonprofit saved up money over the past 14 years.

This just goes to show that Martha’s Project is here to stay, and it will continue helping those in need. There is no doubt the organization does good work in the Belhaven community, especially considering the number of people who do not have reliable access to healthful and affordable food.

Unfortunately, in a Tier 1 county, food insecurity is a problem. Not only that, Beaufort County reported a more than 18-percent poverty rate in 2015, according to Data USA. That’s why organizations such as Martha’s Project are so important to this community.

Residents, especially those in eastern Beaufort County, should step up to the plate and do their best to support Martha’s Project. If possible, volunteers are always welcome to help with food distribution or at the thrift store. If volunteering isn’t in the cards for some people, they can certainly donate to Martha’s Project, or stop by the store to shop.

There is always some way to help. And the same goes for other organizations in the area, such as Eagle’s Wings, the Zion Shelter and Kitchen and others.

Martha’s Project has a mission: “to be a caring community of helping hand(s) reaching out to meet the physical and spiritual needs of all God’s people in our local are by demonstrating the love of Christ in tangible ways.”

Now that’s quite a mission. It’s one of which people should all want to be a part.

For more information on how to help Martha’s Project, call 252-943-2124.