Get ready for a rollercoaster

Published 7:08 pm Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The same feelings are prevalent each season once playoffs roll around for high school athletics. The passion displayed by athletes, coaches and fans is more palpable than usual. Victories are celebrated, and the sadness of defeat is even more crushing.

Beaufort County has already experienced both ends of the spectrum. Northside’s volleyball team went on the road and earned a first-round win. One could feel the pride the players had just hearing them talk about it and seeing videos from their post-game celebration in the locker room.

On the other hand, the area also grieved early eliminations for the Washington and Southside soccer teams. Few things in high school sports are harder to watch than a senior reacting to having played his last game.

There are going to be highs and lows as football playoffs begin today. Every fan in the county has a team to root for. This is the first time since 2014 that Washington, Northside and Southside will all be playing in the postseason.

Today’s game that pits the Seahawks against the Panthers is the perfect example. No matter how this game unfolds, one local team will be riding on the high of victory, and another will be packing it up for the rest of the season.

That’s the nature of sports. The highs are high, and the lows are low.

When these lows do come, keep in mind all the friends made and lessons learned along the way. After all, there’s so much more to athletics than the wins and losses. Especially at high-school ages and younger, athletics help teach Beaufort County’s children life lessons.

When an athlete does play his final high-school game — which may not be this week, or even this year — find solace in the memories and personal growth earned along the journey. Those byproducts of athletics have always been more valuable.