A community others wish for

Published 5:53 pm Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Beaufort County is a quiet community. It prides itself in being largely absent of some of the hustle and bustle of neighboring Greenville and other nearby metropolitan areas. There are days where the Pamlico River sees more traffic on its waters than many streets see cars.

None of these are bad. In fact, there are so many qualities about Beaufort County that other communities wish for.

One of the most endearing aspects of this community is the way each person cares deeply for his neighbor. That inherent friendliness is scarce in the world today. Beaufort County has it in spades.

Any doubters need only take a stroll down the Washington waterfront come springtime. It’s nearly impossible to walk that route along the river without a passerby saying hello or wishing one well.

Furthermore, look at the way the community never hesitates to come together for a common cause. Some of the loudest cheers in “Choppy” Wagner Stadium this past fall came during halftime of a Sept. 29 game. It wasn’t because the Pam Pack was in the process of thrashing North Lenoir. It was because the players, coaches, fans and others banded together to honor Greg Cooper’s battle with ALS.

Northside’s basketball fans roared in approval last year when Jason Pastore, the Panthers’ four-year team manager, made a few free throws after suiting up for the first time on senior night.

Mt. Hebron Church of Christ welcomed in folks of all kinds of different backgrounds and walks of life this weekend. They put aside differences in celebrating the life and teachings of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Beaufort County isn’t perfect. No community is. However, there is so much about this area that the rest of the world seems to be lacking. And for that, each resident should be thankful.