It’s that time again

Published 7:11 pm Tuesday, February 13, 2018

It’s 2018.

Monday, the ability to file to run for many elected offices was opened. It’s a bigger election this year than last. More people will be running for office, many in more contested races. Unlike our local municipal races, much that will be said during the campaign season will be said on a partisan basis.

In 2016, many voters expressed as bit of disgust, or a lot of disgust, depending, with the finger-pointing, mud-slinging and more which that particular election elicited. By the time it was time to cast a vote on Election Day, most were fed up with politics. Most were fed up with the ugliness.

Many candidates run for office because they want to help their communities. It’s a higher calling, a chance to make a difference in the lives of people they know and care for, as well as people they’ve never met before.

It’s unfortunate when, during a campaign, some candidates feel like the only way to lift themselves up is by tearing others down. Instead of focusing on what he will do for his potential constituents, all too often the focus becomes pointing out the flaws of the competition. And all too often, in their defense, other candidates sink to the same level.

It would be nice if, instead of wallowing in the dirt, this campaign season is ruled by common sense and dignity; if it is steered by debate and the actual issues that affect each and all.

Voters are asked to put their faith in this person or that person to be a leader. True leaders set a positive example. If candidates can’t respect one another, and one another’s opinions, how voters expect them to respect the office they hold or the people they serve?

Start the election cycle on the right foot. Focus on the issues, not the insults.