Additional options

Published 8:48 pm Tuesday, June 12, 2018

North Carolina voters have another option when it comes to political parties.

Last week, the Bipartisan State Board of Elections & Ethics Enforcement recognized the Constitution Party of North Carolina as the state’s newest political party. Now, North Carolina voters may register with the following parties: Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green or Constitution. Voters may also register as unaffiliated.

The Constitution Party of North Carolina’s website lists these seven core values of the party: sanctity of life, religious freedom, traditional family, private-property rights, supports Second Amendment, anti-socialism and national sovereignty. Those core values align with conservatives’ ideology.

Last month, the party collected enough verified signatures of registered voters on petitions to qualify as an official state party. Last year, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a law making it easier for political parties to get on ballots. The law lowered the number of signatures needed from 90,000 registered voters to 11,925 registered voters. The change in the law is proving beneficial to voters — giving them more options when it comes to joining political parties that more closely espouse their political philosophies.

Earlier this year, the state recognized the Green Party.

The Constitution Party has scheduled a June 16 convention in Charlotte to nominate candidates for the fall elections. The party plans to run candidates for Congress, the N.C. General Assembly and county boards of commissioners. The Green Party is expected to conduct a convention this summer to nominate candidates for the fall elections.

The addition of the Constitution Party and Green Party to the list of official political parties in North Carolina is an excellent accomplishment. Voters will benefit from having more options to choose from in the political arena. The new political parties have the task of informing voters about their core values and political platforms.

Informed voters make informed decisions. Informed decisions should lead to better government.

Voters, take advantage of these new options.