This weekend, do some good

Published 7:17 pm Friday, September 28, 2018

By this point, it would be understandable for readers to be tired of hearing about Hurricane Florence. Since Monday, Sept. 10, The Washington Daily News has placed a strong emphasis on the storm, both online and in print, from preparation beforehand to coverage during and recovery efforts afterwards. The story of Hurricane Florence, however, is still far from over.

While the storm has come and gone, it is important for our community to not forget those who are still dealing with the hurricane’s impact. There are still trees and limbs to be cut, yards to be raked, homes to be repaired, meals to be prepared and supplies to be distributed.

After a long week of working and doing what you need to live, thrive and survive, the temptation to take it easy is all too compelling. The hard thing to do is find the second wind to get out and extend a helping hand where needed.

As the storm left our area, one quote from an emergency management official stuck out, and continues to be relevant: “the best help is neighborly help.”

Now’s a good time to check on your neighbors, both next door and down the road. Even if they don’t need any heavy lifting done, perhaps a simple visit will mean the world.

For those still itching to volunteer, call the Beaufort County Disaster Relief hotline. Staffed by Virginia Baptist Disaster Recovery at 252-295-6040, the hotline is the epicenter of relief and recovery efforts in Beaufort County. Even if the folks next door don’t need help, there’s surely someone around who can use it.