All moms are awesome

Published 8:01 pm Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May 12 is not a day just like any other day. It’s a special day — a day in which mothers across the world are given a nod for all the work they do.

Whether Mom holds a job or stays at home with the kids, moms everywhere must wear many hats to get through the average day. They have to be educators, child development authorities, mentors, teachers, referees, maids, chauffeurs, cooks and doctors. They have to be able to switch gears with a moment’s notice, from helping with homework to tending someone’s boo-boo. Moms are always on — there is no such thing as a day off. But there is such a thing as a day of appreciation because they are, indeed, special people.

May 12 is Mother’s Day, of course. This year, every family should strive to make it special, whether that’s breakfast made that morning by the kids or a dinner outing that night. Or it could be that a family takes the time to come up with and write down all the reasons that their mom should be chosen as the Washington Daily News’ Mother of the Year.

It’s a tradition at the Daily News. Each year, members of the community are asked to send in a letter stating how wonderful their moms are. It’s a simple process — just come up with all the reasons why she’s the greatest. Letters from children both young and old are appreciated. They can be mailed to the Washington Daily News address or they can be emailed to the news email address:

So tell the Daily News why Mom is awesome. Dads — round up the kids and make it a family, weekend project. Let the Daily News help your family celebrate Mother’s Day with the recognition she deserves.

Entries must be received by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8. Mailed entries should be addressed: Washington Daily News/Mother of the Year, 217 N. Market St., Washington 27889. Emailed entries should have “Mother of Year” in the subject line.