‘Thank you’ not said often enough

Published 8:18 am Sunday, August 30, 2020

To the Editor:

We are so fortunate to live in the municipalities of Beaufort County and the City of Washington. We have many reasons for thinking that we are greatly fortunate, but this letter is to focus on one reason today and that is for the brave women and men that serve us as law enforcement and emergency first responders. We, the WANOCA Presbyterian Church Session, pastor and members, want to extend our deep appreciation for what these brave, dedicated and professional civil servants do for all of us.

The men and women of law enforcement and first responders put their lives on the line every day. They never know when their lives will be in danger or jeopardy or in some cases whether they will return to ever see their family again.

We so often take these brave men and women for granted, that when we are in need they will be there to help or protect us. They are not told often enough, thank you and we appreciate you. We know that these people, some of whom are our friends, neighbors, relatives and others that we don’t know, have our backs every day. We want them to know that we have their backs and we support them 100%.

As we see so much violence and unrest in our state and in other parts of the country, we can count our blessings for the leadership displayed by the Washington Police Department, Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, regional N.C. Highway Patrol Office here in Washington, Aurora, Belhaven, Chocowinity and all the volunteer fire departments throughout Beaufort County. The discipline and demeanor of all our officers and first responders is a reflection of the great leadership displayed by all of our police and fire chiefs, sheriff and N.C. Highway Patrol sergeant.

We, at WANOCA Presbyterian Church, want you to know that we pray for your safety and for the sacrifice that you and your family make. We invite you to visit us, and we would be honored to pray or talk with you at any time.

This letter is being written with the full approval and under the authority of the WANOCA Presbyterian Church Session, pastor and members. The WANOCA Presbyterian Church is located at 9 E. Sixth St., Washington.


J. Herbert Schmitt

Elder, WANOCA Presbyterian Church