Celebrate safely this Easter

Published 12:00 pm Saturday, March 27, 2021

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As restrictions related to the pandemic are loosened, do not forget that the threat of the coronavirus is far from over. 

We are approaching a closer to normal reality with the recent announcement from the governor. Gov. Cooper has eased restrictions regarding occupancy levels for indoor and outdoor events as the vaccine becomes more widely available to North Carolinians and the numbers of positive cases are trending toward the positive across the state. 

While this is cause for celebration, we must remember to stay vigilant and continue to follow the guidelines in place. Until the majority of Beaufort County is vaccinated, COVID-19 is still a cause of great concern, especially for those most at risk of developing serious symptoms following exposure to the virus. 

Individuals age 18 and up can now receive the vaccine from the health department. Everyone is encouraged to get the vaccine, as it is the strongest form of protection against a serious case of COVID that we have at the time. The virus will become less and less of a problem going forward as more people get vaccinated. 

With these lessened restrictions and increased access to the vaccine, friends and family can safely celebrate the Easter holiday next weekend. If you decide to gather, please do so safely and follow all guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Outdoor celebrations at a park or other large space would be the perfect way to gather with those you haven’t seen in a while to catch up and enjoy the warmth of spring, which officially started last weekend. Social distancing should be enforced and followed and masks should be worn at all times if some individuals in attendance have not been fully vaccinated. 

If you or someone you know are planning a gathering to celebrate the holiday, take precautions when preparing food or activities. Individually wrapped food is the safest way to celebrate with a meal, as it limits contact between people that might otherwise occur with a self-serve option for a large crowd. Activities should be ones that do not require close proximity to individuals not within your household. 

If you or your group would like to continue the tradition of egg hunting, try to break the hunt up into phases or waves. The plastic eggs frequently used during the egg hunt can spread many contaminants from being touched by multiple people. Make sure to purchase enough eggs so they can be swapped out in between waves to ensure spread of the virus is kept to a minimum. 

As we approach the warmer months, we would like to remind everyone to be cautious. This virus can be beaten if we remain vigilant and follow the regulations put in place by those in office.