Responding to criticism of Christian Nationalism commentary

Published 3:16 pm Monday, April 15, 2024

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Dear Editor:

This is in response to Hood Richardson’s recent Letter to the Editor (April 4, 2024) concerning his displeasure with one of my commentaries on Christian Nationalism.

1. The Letter is partly in the form of an Ad Hominem response. An Ad Hominem reply is one aimed at the person rather than the position he or she has taken. Mr. Richardson chose to resort to personal attacks rather than deal directly with my concerns about the dangers of Christian Nationalism to democracy and the Church.

2. The Letter also relies on what rhetoricians call a Straw Man fallacy. A Straw Man fallacy is one by which a person sets up and then attacks a position not under debate. Whatever theological point Mr. Richardson is trying to make in his response, it was not germane to the points made in my original commentary.

There is, therefore, nothing relevant to respond to.

In the meantime, I would like to sit down with Mr. Richardson over coffee and talk about the issue of Christian Nationalism as we each see it, a learning experience for us both.  And who knows?  Maybe we can find some common ground and write a joint letter explaining what Christian Nationalism is to each of us.  Dialogue is good, let’s come together for the common good of our community.


Polk Culpepper

Washington, NC