Hearing set for subdivision ordinance amendments

Published 5:30 pm Monday, January 6, 2020

The Tyrrell County Board of Commissioners will hear public comments on proposed amendments to the subdivision ordinance on Jan. 14.

The public hearing is set for 1 p.m. in the commissioners conference room at 106 South Water Street in Columbia.

The county ordinance affects land outside the one-mile extra-territorial jurisdiction surrounding the town of Columbia.

A significant change the county planning board has recommended is that the maximum number of lots in a minor residential subdivision be doubled from five to 10 lots.

The procedures for approval of a minor subdivision plat are far simpler than those for larger subdivisions.

Another big change is a recommendation to enlarge minimum lot sizes.

A lot having access to both public water and sewer services can be 12,000 square feet in area with at least 80 feet width under current law. If the amendments are approved, those minumums would increase to 15,000 square feet area and 100 feet minimum lot width.

Most land west of Scuppernong River and parcels near New, Sound Side, Fort Landing, Goat Neck and Cove roads have access to county water and sewer services.

A lot having access to public water supply, but no public sewer service available, can be as small as 15,000 square feet now. The amendments would increase that minimum to 20,000 square feet. Minimum lot width of 100 feet would remain unchanged.

Nearly all of the remainder of Tyrrell County would fall in the category above.

A lot without access to either public water or sewer services can be no more than 20,000 square feet now, but the amendments would up that figure to 25,000 square feet. Again, minimum lot width of 100 feet would not change.

South Fork township near Lake Phelps and land along Frying Pan Road fall into the category of no public utilities services.

The amendments would raise the minimum building setback from a side property line from 12 to 15 feet, assuring at least 30 feet separation between structures on adjoining lots.

Dozens of words and phrases are being recommended to clarify various ordinance provisions, but many of the 48 pages in the current law will remain the same as now written.

Copies of the ordinance and proposed amendments are on file in the office of Penny Rhodes Owens, clerk to the board of commissioners, and also with Sheryl Reynolds, planning board clerk, in the register of deeds office.

Planning board members are Tony Sawyer (chairman), Butch Kirkman, Gail Lewis, Steve Ralph and Roger Hudson.

The original Tyrrell County Subdivision Ordinance was adopted in 1973 and amended most recently in 2016.